2019 MasterHEART Call Recordings by Ahaumna AhMaYAh
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2019 MasterHEART Call Recordings

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December 2019 - Year Review
Guided Self-Reflective Year Review
(1h 12m 08s)
Life Visioning Exercise
(1h 07m 36s)
November 2019 - Self Hypnosis
Introduction to Self-Hypnosis
(1h 06m 20s)
Overview of Self-Hypnotic Induction
1.09 MB
Part 1 - Self-Hypnotic Induction Script
69.5 KB
Part 2 - Self-Hypnotic Induction Script
733 KB
Part 3 - Self-Hypnotic Script Awakening
680 KB
Advanced Hypnosis
60 mins
October 2019 - Karmic Clearing
Working with the Lords of Karma
(1h 12m 55s)
Light Body Karmic Purification with the Virtue Codes
(1h 05m 04s)
September 2019- FORGIVENESS
Introduction to Ho'oponopono
51 mins
Detoxing the Body for Forgiveness
(1h 02m 06s)
May 2019 - Relaxing in Faith
FLOW - Follow Loves Omnipresent Wonder
(1h 11m 43s)
What Does it Truly Mean to Relax?
(1h 18m 41s)
April 2019 - A World Without Fear
Working with the Lords of Karma
(1h 27m 04s)
Belief and Fear Assessment April 24, 2019
(1h 07m 16s)
March 2019 - Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
History of the 'Fall' & Light Body Activation (March 20, 2019)
(1h 19m 55s)
Images from March 20, 2018 Live Training
Stabilizing the Kryst Code Frequency
(1h 38m 31s)
Activate Your Genius the CEO of your Brain: Part 1
20 mins
Activate Your Genius the CEO of your Brain: Part 2
42 mins
Maximize Your Brain's Potential Every Hour of the Day
(1h 10m 39s)
January 2019 - The MAGIC of Big Thinking
Timeline Creations
(1h 13m 07s)
Visibility & Your Willingness to Be Seen!
(1h 05m 33s)
Bonus MasterHEART Calls
BONUS PLAYSHOP! Emotional-Mental-Physical Bodies
(1h 55m 28s)