22-Day Abundance Activator by Ahaumna AhMaYAh
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22-Day Abundance Activator

A Kundalini Awakening Practice for Prosperity in Every Area of Your Life!

Enrollment is closed

What Does it Look Like to Truly Prosper?

Imagine waking up every day no longer wondering how your next client was going to show up or lead in your business or money to pay the bills because you were no longer out of resonate harmony with the unlimited supply of the Universe.

You would no longer be stressing about the HOW because opportunities for abundance began to seemingly fall from the sky.

If you're thinking, "Sounds too good to be true!"

Then you've never experienced life when you are in perfect alignment with the geometrical patterns for abundance and miraculous living. 

Sacred Geometry of Life

The whole of existence is essentially a combination of number combinations creating geometrical patterns. Our body is a part of the geometrical pattern and the shape of our body and it's energetic alignment plugs us into different larger patterns within the collective.

Essentially, if our geometry is in alignment with lack and scarcity patterning, that's what we will experience.

When you bring the geometry of your body in alignment with the Universal Abundance and Unlimited nature of the Creator Source Code you now function in Harmony with the abundance of the universe and begin to experience life through this prosperous pattern. 

Your Abundance Activation

Throughout this 22-day practice you will be working with the ancient wisdom of the Kundalini Yogic traditions combined with other practices from all over the world to awaken your spiritual connection and to evoke from within you the Creator Consciousness, the God Source that you are. Infinitely tapped into creative potential, inspiration, insights, opportunities for abundance in every area of your life.

Whether that abundance is financial, relational, physical vitality or something else is up to you.

Whatever you set your intentions on for abundance is what you will experience throughout this journey, and so much more! 

Experiences within the Abundance Activator...

"Amazing connection with my son. Enjoying spending time together. Speaking a lot. Having fun. Laughter.
Feeling radiant. Not using anymore make up.
Feeling connected, clarity, softness. Feeling connected to God.
Feeling so good in my body.
Unexpected income coming in.
Thank you Ahaumna AhMayah.
I love this practice."
Natalia Dylawerska
"Abundance has been showing up for me in non material ways, such as being in a wonderful happy mood, even though I’m physically and mentally tired. I have also noticed the energetic shifts around me, I am immensely happier, in the same environment and space of my life. My relationships have elevated and communication has elevated. A relationship that I thought would never survive has been revived with love, boundaries and values. "
Courtney Capes
"While doing the practice I got this amazing idea. Something I'd been waiting for to drop in for quite a while now...It feels so amazing that this practice has opened up this idea to come through. I've been in a difficult space lately being pregnant and not feeling well in my job. I've been in a waiting game when really what I want to do is start my own teacher practice. The idea I got is to do it online and I am going to start this now!"
Tessa Willems
"Feeling an abundance of gratitude & love for these practices 💛 feeling lots more strength, energy, & growth in health as wealth thus far;)."
Kathryn Mary