"Creator Consciousness: Remember Why You Are Here" by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

"Creator Consciousness: Remember Why You Are Here"

PDF version of Ahaumna's book for those who are not wishing to use Amazon for print. 

Have you ever woke up and wondered, “How did I get here?” How is this my life?

What if the life you are living was not actually your idea? What if it were a combination of stories you were sold for how to live, breathe, be, do? 

"Creator Consciousness" is an awakening to a Truth held deep within you. A Truth many of us have forgotten along the way. That we are powerful, capable, imaginative, creators able to shape our worlds for the better. Society has sold us a story of scarcity, lack, separation. 

A story where we believe we have to work hard just to get by. A story where the rich get richer and the rest? Well, why bother either trying. What if these stories were all a lie? What if you, your parents, and their parents were all sold the same lie that was passed along during your formative years, the story of struggle? A story that put your internal creator’s power inside a box that said you have to go to school, get a job, work hard, get married, have children, retire, die. 

It is time you learn the Truth.

Of who you are, what you are made of, and how you have come to be living in the life you live now. Being a Conscious Creator means becoming fully awake and aware to your purpose, your real purpose, not the one you were sold to believe was the only path to success. 

This is a journey of rebelling against the status quo, breaking free from the chains of mediocrity to let your unique, brilliant, powerful light shine. Inside this book contains ancient and modern wisdom from other worlds for how to harness the creative force within you to bring to life you dreams. 

Weaving together science and spirituality in a way that allows you to remember. Then leading you on a journey through the 13 Key Codes designed to unlock the dormant potential within you to create life on your terms.