Destiny Mapping Session by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

Destiny Mapping Session

Using the ancient wisdom of Astrology and the Modern Science of Human Design and Gene Keys to unlock the sacred code of your Soul's Blueprint to Remember why you are here!

As Above So Below...

"Know thyself and you shall know God and the Universe." Pythagoras

Everything that you've ever wanted to know about yourself, about why you are here, what you are here to achieve, create, and who you are here to be was forgotten the moment you took your first breath.

This agreement to forget upon arrival on Earth was not one that our soul's took lightly. To help us remember our Soul's gave us a blueprint. This blueprint is written into the stars the moment we are born and is encoded into our genetics, our DNA template.

All it takes is learning how to translate the blueprint and you unlock the answers to any question you may have about your life, past, present and future.

Your Destiny Map is a 40+ page analysis of your Soul Blueprint composed of your Astrological chart, your Human Design and your Genetic Code. Translated by Ahaumna AhMaYah who originally downloaded the template for integrating these three separate systems together.

Ahaumna recognized that each system was incomplete without each other and that together we get to see the whole picture clearly for our greater purpose in life.

Since the original template for Destiny Mapping was downloaded Ahaumna has created, translated and supported over 200 people in learning the language and how to read their Destiny Map to provide a greater sense of clarity, purpose, direction, support and confirmation along one's path. 

What You'll Receive

  1. A 2 hour, One-on-One session with Ahaumna to intuitively support you in understanding your Destiny Map. Providing interpretation, insights and guidance for how to stay in alignment with your purpose, relationships, health, wealth and any other questions you might have. 
  2. Video recording of the session to keep. 
  3. Your Destiny Map document with over 40+ pages of analysis into your charts and your Soul Blueprint. An invaluable resource to return to again and again. 


"I’ve been following Ahaumna for a while now and first came across her divinely on Facebook over one of her live-streams that caught my attention with her incredible visionary message activating cosmic consciousness. Even then - years ago at this point - Ahaumna was a major inspiration for me in becoming more aware and awake on my path, and for that, I am truly grateful. So naturally, as soon as I tuned into her Destiny Mapping offering I knew I had to experience her unique transmission first hand. 

I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the experience, hands down - it was a marathon download indeed and a transmission that keeps on giving, literally..the information Ahaumna shared and transmitted with me so eloquently is something I will continue to reference for the foreseeable future and on and on. 

Our session alone was over 2 hours and entails the most comprehensive reading I’ve ever received - and not only that, the reading fused all of my astrology, human design and gene keys in such a beautiful way allowing me to FINALLY understand these systems in incredible depth and with a newly inspired sensibility. I've had readings in all of the aforementioned systems before but I’ve NEVER received such clear guidance as to how all of them holistically integrate into my very own comprehensive map for aligning to my souls highest expression. 

I could go on and on forever but one of my favorite things about working with Ahaumna is her intuitive flow that allows her to tap into the deeper insights available within these systems of ancient wisdom - she clearly has a unique and powerful gift of seeing the specific facets of detail that are most important for you to understand at a particular time in your life to support you the most with better understanding yourself and the challenges you’re potentially facing - plus how to transcend them. 

Overall the Destiny Mapping session was absolutely invaluable in the sheer energetic healing that I received, the intuitive guidance I was so strongly supported by and the priceless insights I’ll continue to return to again and again whenever I’m curious about seeing myself and my circumstances and challenges with added clarity and empowerment on how to navigate. 

Thank you, Ahaumna, for sharing your heart and beautiful soul gifts with me and the world, you are a total star. I highly recommend a Destiny Mapping session with Jessica if you’re eager to better understand your unique gifts, your shadows to transcend, your soul growth trajectory, how you can activate your super-powers and how you can best support yourself in embodying you highest alignment. "
Sydney Campos