Group Destiny Mapping Experience by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

Group Destiny Mapping Experience

Your personal GPS system to navigate your life with clarity and a deeper sense of purpose.

Are You Ready to Remember Why You Are Here?

Destiny Mapping is a unique way of integrating the systems of Human Design, The Gene Keys and Astrology to support you in clearly seeing the reason why you are here, your purpose.

In this Group Destiny Mapping experience you will receive your 30+ page Destiny Map the day of the live call.  This document will have all three of your charts with in-depth translation and interpretation for you to remember why you are here with key codes of insight to support you in navigating your life moving forward. This Map you will return to for years, if not for the rest of your life. You will never feel lost again! 

You will then meet for a group live call that will go over your collective Destiny Maps diving into the areas that are shared with plenty of opportunity for specific focus and interpretation of each person's individual charts. This is not as in-depth as a one on one session is capable of going into, that being said you will receive personalized information throughout the session as well as a greater understanding of the areas in our Destiny Map's where many cross over, like with ones Human Design type that helps us to understand our true nature, how we energetically function in the world, and how we can best align our lives for ease, and success. 

This group was created to meet the needs of those who are unable to for whatever reason join a one on one Destiny Mapping session after much request for this opportunity to get ones map, and understanding of it, guidance and support at a significantly less investment (one on one DM sessions are $555). 

There is option to up-grade this group experience to receive a 30 minute one on one call scheduled AFTER the live session where you can ask any question to receive intuitive guidance around (ie; relationships, career, money, love, health, family etc) that is $50 upgrade. (typically a one hour session with me is $250 - this opportunity will not be available again). 


What do I receive?

You will receive your customize Destiny Mapping : Remember Why You Are Here guide, a 30+ page personalized analysis of your Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrological charts. Plus a live group reading at one of the below times. On this group call we will discuss your Destiny Map and help you to gain further awareness of your life's purpose and how to use your Map moving forward in life. 

When is the next live call?

September 14 at 12:00 pm EST 

What if I want a one on one Destiny Mapping session?

One on one Destiny Mapping sessions are always available for $444 to be purchased and booked through this link here. If this is not financially available for you, there is an option to add a 30 minute one-on-one call as a bonus to the group live reading for an additional $50 at check-out.

Destiny Mapping LOVE

It was such a pleasure to receive a destiny mapping session with Ahaumna. I found it to be very impactful as it cleared up some old beliefs/wounds around why I "thought" I am here and how it allow me to pave the way for something new to unfold. Ahaumna's gentle yet powerful energy matched with experience allows you to come back into navigation with your own compass and activate your personal power. If you are looking for clarity, direction, purpose then book in for a session and let your heart open to receive what it's truly wanting you to know."
Zoe Davenport
"Destiny mapping has allowed me to tune into my strengths and see how all parts of my character can actually be developed to benefit and just how I can go about it. It's neat to be able to pinpoint how to move through areas of resistance with your own specific gifts and pathways."
Jhinna Salinas
"Destiny Mapping has shown to be an invaluable gift. For years I found myself asking, what are my gifts and how am I meant to serve this world? I personally found Western Astrology to be vague and incomplete. While I also found Human Design and Gene Keys overwhelming and hard to comprehend. This is where Destiny Mapping comes in. My session was like a road map of life, like a blueprint. This session helped me to move forward in my life’s work with confidence in knowing it was written in the stars and the Universe had my back. Even a year later, I find myself reaching back to the written transmission for guidance and clarification. "
Roz Zelinda
Destiny mapping helps you direct your energies, so as not to waste them, towards the activities and lifestyle that you are most in tune with and is in your highest interest.  This is a clear & scientific way to look into your most energetically similar past lives.  Knowing where we were helps us realize our innate happy places & habits.   It gives us a trajectory from birth towards our best selves.  The self that is doing what we came here for, our dharma, our purpose.  Jessica emits joy as she shares these truths with you because it is her dharma to be our soul guide & explainer of the subtle worlds.
Christine Bowen
“Destiny mapping has been the light in the darkness of my life. I feel that I now have a better understanding of myself, which allows for more compassion, love and acceptance. Ahaumna has given me the roadmap to my soul and I'm excited to dive deeper into the depths of my self. I am grateful for Destiny mapping and its ability to feel back the layers on conditioning, to reveal the pearl within.”
Courtney Capes
"Destiny Mapping brought together the various modalities I was using to find my own unique path, into a Whole.Even after 6 months I am still going back over my Destiny Mapping as New insights and Understanding is being revealed through that Large transmission that has come through Ahaumna! It has saved me a lot of valuable time & energy to be Directed in a way where I can create a life of Value and Integrity that is In this Hearts Truth. Diving deeper into the specific, detailed Inner life Purpose for my soul & what I'm aligned with in my outer Life to create & Bringing them into union in My own Unique Timing in this Life. Perfection. 
So grateful for this Investment. "
Hania Zia
“I recently had a destiny map session with Ahaumna Ah Ma Yah, and it was absolutely wonderful. I was feeling a bit a lost in my soul service, especially in regard to how I was serving my clients. I was feeling tired, unmotivated, confused in how to share my light, and doubting how I was transmitting my gifts. 
First of all, I want to share that midway through our session I started to tear up- not from sadness, but because I was transmuting layers of doubt and confusion stemming from a lack of self love and self worth. Simply being in front of another human being who reflected my truth and highest potential created a space where I felt seen- seen for my unique frequency that I am here to remember and to honor. 

She held a sacred space that allowed me to remember I am here to follow the beat of my own unique vibration and energetic that create a special flow that is perfect for my body, heart, and mind to thrive in- rather than fitting into what society deems is universally best for us all based on a very limited perspective. 

I came away feeling empowered and free to fully be myself, and to continue fully trusting what is most aligned for me, irregardless if it is for others. 

This map contains so much beautiful information that holds a code of heart centered truth, and will continue to be a great reference point to guide and uphold a map of the higher purpose of my soul’s journey.”
Sierra Blue
"I received a destiny mapping from Ahaumna and it was the most in depth, personalized session that I have ever received. We dove into my astrological chart, both tropical and sidereal. She gave me information on every single positioning and spoke in depth on each one and what they meant for me. We also dove deep into my human design and what each gate means, open or closed, how my energy flows through my body, what exactly it means and how I can work with it. Lastly we uncovered my gene keys and how they correlate with my human design. I ordered the gene key book and was able to go even deeper on my own. Not only was she able to answer any and all questions I had during our session but still does when something comes up for me. She also provided a full typed up report for me that she sent through email and I was able to print out that covered everything we went over and more. The information that was revealed to me was extensive and months later I am still learning and growing deeper in the truths of myself through our destiny mapping session. I am beyond grateful and appreciative for the time we had together and for the uncovered truths I'm still discovering."
Jessi Jones
I found the experience to be exciting and uplifting, and as you shared information with me during our session, I felt such a deep cosmic resonance between what you were sharing and my Soul. I felt that Destiny Mapping allowed me to glimpse my being from the perspective of my Higher Self, and to really feel into my Purpose and Path in this incarnation. 

My destiny mapping session allowed me to see that the places in which I've felt at home really were the places I am meant to be. It allowed me to see the worth of the very being that is me, and the pointlessness of trying to fit into a role that I'm not here to fill. 

The session clearly spelled out the energies at play in this lifetime and helped me to focus in upon the direction that my Soul is travelling now, as well as the places where I'd be likely to be pulled off track. Soul beneficial to be aware of these places so that I can come continually back. 

My session clearly verified for me that my greatest purpose in life is to be love in all of its aspects. That knowingness was the greatest gift given to me through this experience, and it really took the pressure off.  This aspect of my session which I've come back to over and over and over again, this reminder to return always to Love. It is an incredibly grounding energy around which to focus my existence. Love is my call to coherence. I never fully grasped that until I got to experience it as my Truth, written in the stars, built into my very life." 
Bell Larson

Meet Your Guide

Ahaumna has been an avid student of the Universe since childhood when she began studying astronomy at space camp always pointing up into the stars. This passion for "outer space" naturally led her into astrology at a very young age with over 20+ years of research and analysis into multiple modalities of astrology. When Ahaumna began her first business she experienced much resistance in doing things the way she was taught to build a business. In searching for answers she found Human Design and the Gene Keys. She came to learn that she was a Projector and quite frankly would not succeed building like the rest of humanity does so well. She went on to learn everything she could to better understand her life and the live's of her clients studying Human Design and the Gene Keys and still regularly joins courses to learn more.  She also holds a BS in criminal psychology and a MA in metaphysics, she is a clear channel for multiple realms of consciousness and brings a multidimensional interpretation to her readings while still presenting the material in a grounded, clear and understood way.