LET's Vibrate Higher

Raise Your Vibration, Change Your LIFE!
Over 200-hours of guided practices and masterclasses to elevate your life!

What's included?

2019 Live Practice Recordings

2019 MasterHEART Call Recordings

Masterheart bundle from 2019 filled with hours of training programs throughout various topics within personal and spiritual development.

2020 MasterHeart Calls

2020 Weekly Practice Recordings

Masterclass bundle from the remaining live sessions of LET's in 2020.

22-Day Abundance Activator

Align the Geometry of your Body with the Geometry of the Unlimited Universal Supply. Awaken the God Source Creator Within You &  Prosper!

Activate Your Light Body MERKABA

Your Light Body Merkaba is your Connection to God Source UNLIMITED Energy supply! Learn what and HOW to connect with and reactivate in this life through two masterclasses and a weeks worth of guided practice.

Calibrate Your Central Nervous System Sound Journey

Guided sound journey and divinely guided translation to bring you deep into your body, connecting in with your CNS to release stress.
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Express Your Soul 8-week Course

Do you struggle with speaking your truth? Do you find yourself holding back, not saying what you truly want to say? Are your relationships (professional & personal) shallow, lacking depth and meaning? If so this is for you! Words create your reality, access the power of your truth NOW!

Leaders Evolve Together

What does it mean to be a LEADER? The traditional online dictionary (aka Google search bar) would have us believe a leader is, "The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country." ( citation ). That said, this is the OLD way of looking at leadership that implies only certain people are destined to become leaders, and that leadership is dependent on other people who follow. Leaders Evolve Together operates under the philosophy that every living being is here to be a leader, the leader of their own life. Under this philosophy leadership means, a sovereign being who is consciously creating their own reality and is no longer bound by societal norms.   Leadership from this standpoint is a lifestyle.  Leaders are here to create more leaders, not followers.  It is the intention of this course to be a portal of transcending mediocrity, to be a place to embody one's unique creative consciousness. To one by one awaken people to a world of power within themselves, the power to shift them from consumer to creator beings.  Within this course you will experience through daily guided practice how to shift into a higher frequency. 

Stress & Relaxation Quantum Biofeedback Sound Journey

A short quantum biofeedback sound journey to support you in relaxing, unwinding and letting go. Surrender into the rhythm.

Wealth & Career Success using Using Human Design & Astrology.

Are you ready to create more financial abundance? To share your high-level gifts with the world and live your purpose? Are you seeking for greater clarity in your life? Do you find yourself still living in scarcity? Do you want to support yourself and others in breaking free from scarcity and living your full potential? If you answered YES to any of the above questions this masterclass is for YOU. About this Masterclass... Every living breathing being is uniquely designed to love, create, express, and experience true wealth. Wealth as defined through living a life of Purpose, Financial Prosperity, Health, and Happiness. In this uniqueness, every being is designed to experience wealth and prosperity in different ways. In this masterclass, we are going to break through scarcity through teaching you how to decode your unique map for creating true wealth. -You will learn how to use your Human Design and Astrological charts to discover what areas in your life you are uniquely designed to create wealth (money, health, happiness, and purpose). No prior knowledge of these systems is needed to clearly understand how to use create your Soul Wealth CODE. -Through decoding your charts you will learn the key archetypes that are working through you, that when you tap into them can reveal to you the high-level gifts you are here to share that are most aligned with your creative wealth potential. -Discover which of your wealth archetypes are currently blocking your total prosperity and abundance through operating at a shadow level. -Go on a guided journey to activate your Soul Wealth CODE archetypes highest expression. -Learn how to decode your personal Soul Wealth CODE and through practice the CODE of others you support. The archetypes are an aspect of the superconscious mind... -Archetypes are cosmic patterns that the soul creates life through. -Every person has various archetypal energies that they manifested through and creates within the superconscious mind. -In the Soul Wealth CODE there are archetypes that relate to the wealth positions in your Astrological and Human Design charts. These are the archetypes you are designed to create wealth through. -Examples of some planetary archetypes: Venus - the Muse; Mercury - the Communicator; Jupiter - the Leader. (these are just three of dozens of planetary archetypes that will be covered in this masterclass). -Once you know the areas in your charts that you are designed to create wealth through, you are able to discover which archetypes you are working through. -From here you can see the High-Value Gifts that you are tapped into at a soul level to use in creating true wealth. -You also will learn the shadow behaviors of the archetypes to see where you may be blocking your abundance potential. We all have a unique blueprint and life path. We all hold unique high-level gifts that when awakened align us with our purpose and purpose aligns us with wealth. Once we know our design, once we are tapped into our high-level gifts, this is when an awareness of sales, marketing, and business comes into play. Chances are if you're feeling into this masterclass, you've been studying how to create money. You've been reading about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Abundance consciousness. You are learning how to sell, how to become prosperous through business. These are all valid and necessary steps for being truly wealthy. That said, within these steps comes a few key pieces that are found within all of them... What is your WHY? What are you HIGH-LEVEL gifts? WHO are you here to serve? What does WEALTH look like for you? If you don't know the answers to these questions none of the manifestation, mindset, or business skills will be of any long-term assistance because they will all ask you to get clear on these questions first, and none of which provide a framework for Actually Answering these Questions. That is where your Soul Wealth CODE comes in to assist you in answering these key questions to KNOW with absolute certainty how you are uniquely designed to create wealth. You will be able to take this wisdom you gain about yourself and your unique way of creating wealth and Plug It INTO all of the systems you've been studying, practicing, and trying to make work for you to finally see Your Way of Creating Wealth through sharing your High-Level Gifts and living a Purposeful life. This is a 2.5-hour Masterclass that is hosted LIVE on December 2, 2018, at 2 pm EST. After the live class, the recording is available for replay to those unable to join live and will be posted here following the live virtual class.

Wealth CODE Theta Brainwave Manifestation Meditation

This 35 minutes guided meditation uses Theta brainwave entrainment and the alchemical codes of the Soul Matrix to activate your Wealth Code Archetypes to live a life of Abundance and Prosperity now. We are all born to live an abundant life, it is our conditioning that made us believe in scarcity. Through this meditation, you will recalibrate your cells as you realign with your original innocence, and divine wealth potential. I've used this process of expansion and theta brainwave entrainment to create thousands of dollars in very short amounts of time. Results vary for everyone. Those who get the best results believe with absolute faith that it is done. If you believe, this meditation will take you to places in your life that you know you are destined to go. It is best to listen to this meditation with headphones on to fully receive maximum benefits from the theta brainwave music and various frequency recalibrations that are spoken. The intention of this meditation is that we collectively expand into our true abundant nature, one by one. Thank you for being a part of this expansion. Ahaumna Ah Ma YAh
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