LET's Vibrate Higher Accelerator by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

LET's Vibrate Higher Accelerator

A Sacred Space for Transcendent Living.

This is like NO other program or course out there...

This is a space to FEED the innate curiosity of your Soul that keeps pushing you forward towards the ancient mysteries that have come before. This is a space to REAWAKEN the primal Spiritual Essence within you, to continue along the path of ascension. This is for the DISCIPLES of the path of Divine Embodied living, who are ready to commit fully to Living IMPECCABLY. To studying the TRUTH of our Creation and the Hidden Mysteries of the Universe that are once more Resurfacing during this time of Collective Awakening.

The only time is NOW to experience how IMPECCABLE life truly can be.

To ALIGN your Frequency with your Highest Potential, where EASE and GRACE lead the way. 

LET's Is Your Community Allies

...to stay aligned with your truth.
...to consciously create with intention. 
...to constantly be up-leveling your life
...to create through Ease and Grace instead of Force.
...to show up for yourself everyday purposeful, present, passionate, fully ALIVE.
...to harness your superpowers to create everlasting change in the world. 
...to raise your vibration to be in energetic alignment with your big vision. 
...to step into the role of a conscious, fully embodied, heart-centered 5D leader.


What do I get access to when I join?

When you join, you will get access to the membership portal. Inside the membership portal there are multiple accelerators and courses you get access to including: 
  1. Leaders Evolve Together - a 40 day journey to becoming fully rooted, grounded and embodied as a leader and creator of your own world. With on-demand masterclasses to raise your power as a conscious creator.
  2. Express Your Soul Course, an 8-step journey to healing and awakening the power of your voice to powerfully express your truth to anyone at anytime. 
  3. Abundance Activator - 22 days of physical practices to align the geometry of your body for abundance, prosperity, good luck and good fortune. 
  4. Soul Wealth Code Masterclass - learn how to use Human Design and Astrology to Thrive! 
  5. Meditation audios for personal & spiritual growth, transformation and success. 
  6. Monthly Masterhearts - twice a month LIVE meetings, group coaching and training with Ahaumna centered around the theme of the month. 
  7. Monday LIVE Practices - NEW practices for mind, body, spirit EVERY Monday. 
  8. Access to private online community to connect with other heart centered evolutionaries here to awaken a new paradigm.

What's Included?

  • Over 100 hours of On-Demand Video PRACTICES that come from multiple disciplines and are synthesized to bring you the most comprehensive pathway to raising your vibration, stabilizing your energy, and awakening to your True Divine Nature. 
  • On-Demand Masterclass Bundles designed to support your esoteric awakening. To guide you and hold you accountable for bringing your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit into Alignment. 
  • Twice a Month LIVE Group Training & Coaching with Ahaumna (for one year). 
  • Private Online Community of like minded visionaries expanding the collective consciousness of the Earth. 
  • Access to ALL products in this store including the Express Your Soul Course, Wealth Code Masterclass & Meditation audio AND Merkaba Activation.
  • BONUS material, workshops, meditations, live coaching and support all year long. 

Meet Your Guide

Ahaumna came to her path of facilitation through healing multiple chronic diseases and early childhood trauma that created a lasting imprint on her nervous system. She spent the vast majority of this life living from *Fight or Flight* always on the edge of paralyzing fear and has come to learn the ways of shifting now only instinctual fear, the learned fear that programs the neurological chemistry of the brain to avoid living our best lives.