Activate Your Light Body MERKABA by Ahaumna AhMaYAh
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Activate Your Light Body MERKABA

Quantum Leap Your LIFE by Accessing the Quantum Computer of Your Soul. Ascension Preparation. 

Enrollment is closed

What the what is a Merkaba?

The Merkaba is your Light Body "Star Ship" that allows for a being to travel through space and time. It is also the geometrical blueprint that plugs us into either the divine blueprint of God Source Coding where infinite energy, abundance and opportunity flows. 

You will learn about the exploitation of the Merkaba light body in this black hole matrix time matrix we are currently living in that has reversed the spin of the Merkaba to create a world of lack, limitation and separation. 

To fully ascend beyond this mutant matrix, one must realign their Merkaba light body with God Source Code and reactivation the conscious, intentional, use of ones Merkaba that when properly understood, connected with, and tapped into acts like the quantum computer, bringing you everything you are here to experience in this life. 

What's Included?

  1. Two On-Demand Training to learn about the hidden history of the Merkaba. What it is, how it is used, and why it is so important now. Plus bonus teaching and exploration of the metaphysical nature of the universe. 
  2. One weeks worth of guided PRACTICE to take you through a journey of activating, connecting to, and programming your Merkaba.