Wealth & Career Success using Using Human Design & Astrology. by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

Wealth & Career Success using Using Human Design & Astrology.

You Are Worthy!


Waking up with energy every day excited for the work you'll be doing! You're so tapped into your unique way of creating that your career path SOARS HIGH and your finances higher.

You understand the way you are designed to function in work and life which creates a sense of ease and calm throughout your day. You navigate your day ABUNDANTLY never second guessing if you're living purposefully because you are on point, aligned.

You've created a life you are proud of, that fills you up every day, and makes any challenges that arise seem like a walk in the park. You effortlessly invest in the foods that nurture your body, in the clothes that make your SOUL come ALIVE, in the experiences that further your potential for more pleasure, play and joy!

Wondering how this is all possible you think back and remember the day when you found out your unique way of creating, your blueprint for a life of purpose, prosperity and pleasure.

You get so EXCITED remembering the moment when everything you ever felt about why you are here and how you operate differently than society wants you to work finally was put into words that made sense to you.

This was the day when everything changed and it happened through clarifying and understanding your unique Soul Wealth Code and how to use Human Design and Astrology to fuel your life's work.

THIS is what you will learn in this masterclass that will guide you through YOUR Human Design & Astrological charts to discover YOUR unique code for success in this life, whatever success means for you.

Awaken From WITHIN

A Life of Greater Purpose, Financial Prosperity, Health, and Happiness


Do I need to have any prior knowledge about Human Design or Astrology?

No! You will be guided every step of the way in getting your charts (freely) and in knowing exactly what to look for in each chart throughout this masterclass. 

What do I receive?

Right after purchase you will receive access to the masterclass video recording that is approximately 3 hours for you to watch on your own time. Prior to watching there are steps to take that will guide you in accessing your charts that are written step by step within the masterclass notes.

Meet Your Guide

Ahaumna is a best selling author, certified holistic health coach, with a BS in criminal psychology, a MS in metaphysical philosophy. Who focuses on helping lightworkers heal and live their best lives!