SOULution by Ahaumna AhMaYAh
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Step-by-step helping you create the structure for, and to launch your DREAM program in 3-months, so that you can feel confident as a SoulPrenuer!
Enrollment is closed

Lightworkers, NOW IS THE TIME!

If you're been waiting to share your sacred gifts through service, bringing to life your programs to offer to humanities evolution for whatever reason.

You can delay no longer!
The "moment" we have all been waiting for is HERE NOW!

So many of you have gifts, talents, resources, tools, practices, offerings that you were BORN with and have prepared LIFETIMES for this very moment.

Yet you've hesitated really putting it out there, unsure of where and how to structure it in a way that allows you to give and receive abundantly (because that is what the New Earth is ALL about!)

I Get IT!

I've been in it for the last 6 years, as one of the pioneers in soul-aligned internet-based business.

I've been working behind the scenes one-on-one with many lightworkers for the last 6 years helping to put these pieces together and help others to ground and create their programs, offerings, in a way that "makes sense" to the world.

During this time of great change people are stressed, anxious, lost and confused as to WTF is going on here and how they can move forward in the New Earth.

This means YOU BELOVED need *yes NEED* to step into your power and leadership NOW to help guide humanity into the future.

Now isn't the time to sit back, and wait, watch and think *maybe* I shouldn't be offering anything, putting anything out there.

People need EXAMPLES for HOW to THRIVE here online, in love, devotion, and through sharing our innate gifts.

This accelerator is for lightworkers who are ready to be the example, to be leading the creation of the New Earth and who are ready to ground their creations into a solution they can offer humanity now.

SOULution is the future of marketing as marketing in the new earth is changing, people won't want your products, they want SOULutions.


Now it's time for you to push past whatever it is that has been stopping you from turning your gifts into an incredible offering to assist the world now! 

Launch your program or offer in 3 months!

Don't think that's possible? I will show you how!
In SOULution you will...
  • Get crystal clear on your offer, who it's for and create the structure. 
  • Work side by side with the group and Ahaumna in live work sessions so that you're not feeling lost and unsure what to do!
  • Work with a custom marketing plan and strategy for launching your program or offer.
  • Create GREAT COPY, with Ahaumna's help which is basically what makes or breaks a launch. 
  • Get help with all of the technical aspects so that you're not wasting time trying to recreate the wheel. 
  • Learn how to forge partnerships, create lead magnets,so that you can grow your email list with more ease to reach more people with your gifts!
  • Take the guess work out of HOW to create, launch, market, and sell your program! 
  • Have a group masterheart of other lightworkers who are where you are ready to change the world with their gifts to support each other and root for each other to succeed! 

Now, for the important stuff, well lets say the INNER stuff we've got the outer structure covered, what about the inner structures.

In SOULution we talk about and help you navigate through the main reasons why lightworkers struggle to succeed in business (or really to just get started) and how to change these stories to thrive! 
  • Worried about being seen? 
  • What people might think if you REALLY shared what you know?
  • All the money stuff around it not being "spiritual" to charge for your services.
  • Not sure if you're ready, or qualified? 
  • Not sure how to talk about it in a way that people can truly understand? 
All of these and many more will be worked through because I have seen them ALL in my years of building a successful SoulAligned Business and the people I have supported to do the same. 


How Long is the Program?

3-month! From April- June. We begin the second week of April.

When do we meet?

Weekly calls will be scheduled based on every group members availability. I run all of my group programs this way, once you sign up you'll be asked to send me your availability and I take everyone's availability into account when choose a date and time for our meetings. They will begin the week of April 6, 2020.

When is the last day to join?

April 4, 2020 is the last day to join the group!

What if I've never launched a program before?

Most people who join will be in your shoes, so long as you have gifts you're ready to share and you know what those are then this program is for you. 

What if I know what my gifts are, though I'm not sure what my program would be?

Don't worry, you will be supported to help you create the structure and outline of your program so that you can put together your gifts in a way that feels good for you! 

Is there a certain structure for creating my program I will follow?

While you will get support in creating the structure of your program, this is YOUR program and you have the final choice in how it is structured. You will get advice and guidance while making these decisions so that they are easier and feel good to you, though you don't need to worry about putting your gifts into some cookie cutter mold because this isn't what we do!