VIP Soulprenuer Strategy Session by Ahaumna AhMaYAh
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VIP Soulprenuer Strategy Session

This half day virtual immersive experience is for those who are ready to get started with their business, launch a new program or scale their leads through next level Clarity, Alignment, Visioning, Intention, and Planning intensive. 
Enrollment is closed

The Experience...

This is a 5-hour long virtual business masterheart intensive with Ahaumna AhMaYah to support you in Quantum Leaping into the next octave of your business without losing heart, soul and purpose. 

We will follow the 12-steps of success throughout the day, taking breaks for food, movement, meditation, yoga, and other ways of nourishing and nurturing our brain during this powerful day of connecting! 

12-Steps to Success

  1. SoulBiz Assessment - Where are You at NOW, & Where have you been? 
  2. Recognize where you are blocked or stuck, where there is little to no growth, and create a plan to move forward.
  3. Deep Dive into Your SIDEREAL Human Design & Astrology charts for laser-focused timing in when to launch, scale, and grow. Ensuring your Business is in Alignment with Your Soul Blueprint. 
  4. Meditations & Movement to Clarify Purpose, Vision, and Mission. To strengthen your energy, willpower, and personal strength to commit to your big dream. 
  5. Personal support, mentoring, and intuitive business strategy and guidance. 
  6. Your Soul Client Avatar creation so that you are absolutely clear who your people and clients are along with HOW to speak to them and find them. 
  7. Master your Messaging! Deliver Clear, Concise, and Potent messages your ideal client will receive. Help you write EPIC copy to launch your programs into the world.
  8. Become a Magnet for Abundance and receiving new clients! 
  9. Create a lead generation strategy and product/program that feels soul-fulfilling & not draining. 
  10. Receive resources to support you in moving through any financial, personal, emotional, or physical barriers to your success. 
  11. Clarify your WHY, your Purpose, your Mission. 
  12. Laugh, move your body, connect heart to heart, take breaks, stretch, share, open, receive, give together. 

Creating Softness & Structure

In order to succeed in being an entrepreneur, you must have two things SOFTNESS & STRUCTURE. Most people operate from one or the other and this imbalance creates ups and downs, a lack of consistency in your business. Your softness lives within your body, your mind, your spirit it is the aliveness that makes you who you are and it's hidden behind your trauma, pain, toxicity, beliefs. Your structure lives within the world outside of your body, in the systems, strategy, and programs you offer to the world that allows your spirit to move through them and into the world. To be successful you need to be balanced you need containers for your spirit to flow through and you need a connection to your flow of spirit in order for your programs to not drain you dry. In this journey together you will get support in putting both pieces together in your business to start thriving today.


What happens after I purchase?

Once you have purchased the VIP Soulprenuer Strategy Session with Ahaumna, you will open up the text overview within the course page here on Podia. This will give you the details to contact Ahaumna to schedule the day and time for the session and will guide you through a questionnaire about your business and life to prepare Ahaumna for the session. 

Time and Commitment

This is a half day experience that will take up 6 hours of your day. 5 hours of working with approximately one hour of breaks broken up throughout the day. If this feels like a lot for you then I would genuinely question whether being an entrepreneur is for you! The day will be intuitively put together with a schedule before we meet based on your needs in your business that will be discussed upon booking. 

Where/How do we meet?

We meet virtually using Zoom from the comfort of your home office or if you are local to the area of Asheville we will meet at my home office.