Wealth CODE Theta Brainwave Manifestation Meditation by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

Wealth CODE Theta Brainwave Manifestation Meditation

Wealth CODE Theta Brainwave Manifestation Meditation

Your Abundant Life is Waiting...

We all wish to grow and expand. Wherever you are at on your journey there is always room for movement forward. Theta brainwave technology is scientifically studied to produce lasting results in one's life through putting the brain in a state of receptivity to healing and reprogramming limiting beliefs. Take a journey into the core of the Universe to activate your Soul Wealth Code and archetypes of your Highest timeline. This meditation is a sacred alchemy ceremony utilizing the power of light, sound and spirit. 

About this Meditation Journey.

This 35 minutes guided meditation uses Theta brainwave entrainment and the alchemical codes of the Soul Matrix to activate your Wealth Code Archetypes to live a life of Abundance and Prosperity now. 

We are all born to live an abundant life, it is our conditioning that made us believe in scarcity. Through this meditation, you will re-calibrate your cells as you realign with your original innocence, and divine wealth potential. 

I've used this process of expansion and theta brainwave entrainment to create thousands of dollars in very short amounts of time. Results vary for everyone. Those who get the best results believe with absolute faith that it is done. 

If you believe, this meditation will take you to places in your life that you know you are destined to go. 

It is best to listen to this meditation with headphones on to fully receive maximum benefits from the theta brainwave music and various frequency re-calibrations that are spoken. 

The intention of this meditation is that we collectively expand into our true abundant nature, one by one. 

Thank you for being a part of this expansion. 
Ahaumna Ah Ma YAh

Meet Your Guide

Ahaumna is a best selling author, certified holistic health coach, with a BS in criminal psychology, a MS in metaphysical philosophy. Who focuses on helping lightworkers heal and live their best lives!