What Is FEAR? (& how to stop it from controlling your life!) by Ahaumna AhMaYAh

What Is FEAR? (& how to stop it from controlling your life!)

Can you IMAGINE a World without FEAR?

How about imagining what your life would look like without fear holding you back, fueling your life with more anxiety, worry, doubt, lack? 

I imagine it would be a pretty spectacular world to be living in, life to be experiencing through. 

FEAR is sneaking behind the scenes of every area in our life where we doubt our capacity, struggle, get caught up in worry-filled thinking, judgment, anxiety, stress...

Any area in life where you feel less than satisfied is an area where fear sleeps. 

FEAR is gravely misunderstood on an individual level and in this Masterheart conversation, you will explore the world of fear, come to know, and innerstand how this mechanism functions in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

You will learn how to navigate fear so that it no longer holds you back. 

You will start to paint the picture for what your life will look like when you are living fearlessly. 

Living fearlessly does not mean there is no more fear. 

Living fearlessly is a state of awareness where fear is no longer hindering your growth, dream life potential. 

You will learn to unlock the hidden messages within fear and to release fear from holding you back. 

This is a FREE Masterheart Virtual Gathering on September 19, 2019

You will meet with your host, Ahaumna and other participants live on the date above using Zoom. 

This will be an interactive space with information to better come to terms with how fear lives and breathes within and around you and a space for practicing tools for stopping fear from continuing to perpetuate stress, anxiety, pressure, and most importantly from holding you back. 

There's no fancy gimmicks, marketing, or sales pitches. (which is why this page is plane & to the point). 

You either are ready to face fear and release it's grips on your life,

OR, you're not. 

Just be discerning if it's really YOU that are not ready and willing, 

OR, if it's fear, afraid of itself that resists? 

Registration get's you access to the live call & the replay.


When is the Masterheart call?

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 6:00 pm EST 
(that's 3:00 pm PST, 11:00 pm BST & 8:00 am AEST - on the 20th).

How do I join the call?

The details for how to join the call will be emailed to you the day before the call with the Zoom link and dial in numbers. You will also find the information to join in the Contents section once you register here on Podia. 

I can't join live will there be a replay?

Yes, a recording will be sent out to those unable to join live. I do recommend if the time is right to join us live.

Meet Your Guide

Ahaumna is a best selling author, certified holistic health coach, with a BS in criminal psychology, a MS in metaphysical philosophy. Who focuses on helping lightworkers heal and live their best lives!